Faux Pas Rodeo 2020

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All displayed results are tentative until finalized by Faux Pas Rodeo 2020 event staff.

Inshore Division

Speckled Trout - Calcutta
Sponsored by Giorlando’s Restaurant
Place Team Weight
1st The Big Clowns 2.89lbs.
2nd Sasquatch 2.41lbs.
3rd The Big Clowns 2.26lbs.
4th The Big Clowns 2.19lbs.
5th Sasquatch 2.01lbs.
6th Sasquatch 2.00lbs.
7th RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 1.97lbs.
8th The Hoghunters 1.88lbs.
9th Tag It 1.86lbs.
10th The Big Clowns 1.86lbs.
11th RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 1.83lbs.
12th The Hoghunters 1.77lbs.
13th Florida boyz 1.75lbs.
14th Sasquatch 1.74lbs.
15th The Hoghunters 1.74lbs.
16th Sasquatch 1.73lbs.
17th Sasquatch 1.71lbs.
18th The Hoghunters 1.69lbs.
19th Red River Outcasts 1.67lbs.
20th Saggin on 1.65lbs.
21st Tag It 1.64lbs.
22nd Tag It 1.58lbs.
23rd Sasquatch 1.58lbs.
24th The Hoghunters 1.52lbs.
25th Dockside Marine 1.52lbs.
26th Tag It 1.50lbs.
27th The Hoghunters 1.46lbs.
28th Tag It 1.40lbs.
29th The Hoghunters 1.36lbs.
30th The Hoghunters 1.30lbs.
31st RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 1.19lbs.
32nd Red River Outcasts 1.18lbs.
33rd Red River Outcasts 1.18lbs.
34th RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 1.12lbs.
35th RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 1.04lbs.
36th Red River Outcasts 0.58lbs.