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All displayed results are tentative until finalized by Faux Pas Rodeo event staff.


Inshore Division

Sponsored by Bartlett Exterminating
Place Team Weight
Sponsored by Sponsored by Sue’s House Rentals
Place Team Weight
20th Fin Twisters 6.47lbs.
28th Fin Twisters 5.98lbs.
29th Fin Twisters 5.82lbs.
30th Fin Twisters 5.78lbs.
31st Fin Twisters 5.51lbs.
49th Fin Twisters 3.25lbs.
54th Fin Twisters 2.68lbs.
55th Fin Twisters 2.57lbs.
Speckled Trout
Sponsored by Giorlando’s Restaurant
Place Team Weight

Offshore Division

Sponsored by Vista Landscaping
Place Team Weight
Sponsored by Paradise Outfitters
Place Team Weight
Yellowfin Tuna
Sponsored by A Nose Racing Stable
Place Team Weight

Rig Division

Sponsored by Southside Cafe
Place Team Weight
King Mackerel
Sponsored by Battco
Place Team Weight
Red Snapper
Sponsored by Don’s Striping
Place Team Weight

Inshore Calcutta

Place Team Weight
Place Team Weight
17th Fin Twisters 6.47lbs.
25th Fin Twisters 5.98lbs.
26th Fin Twisters 5.82lbs.
27th Fin Twisters 5.78lbs.
28th Fin Twisters 5.51lbs.
45th Fin Twisters 3.25lbs.
49th Fin Twisters 2.68lbs.
50th Fin Twisters 2.57lbs.
Place Team Weight

Offshore Calcutta

Place Team Weight
Place Team Weight
Place Team Weight

Rig Calcutta

Place Team Weight
Place Team Weight
Place Team Weight

Calcutta Grand Slam

Lagniappe Division

Live Redfish 3 Stringer
Sponsored by Venice Marina
Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
4th Fin Twisters 18.27lbs. 3
7th Fin Twisters 14.54lbs. 3
15th Fin Twisters 5.25lbs. 2
Redfish - Spots
Sponsored by Stranco
Place Team Total Spots
19th Fin Twisters 0
34th Fin Twisters 0
35th Fin Twisters 0
36th Fin Twisters 0
37th Fin Twisters 0
38th Fin Twisters 0
39th Fin Twisters 0
40th Fin Twisters 0
Red Snapper 5 Stringer
Sponsored by RFRI
Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
Blue Marlin - Tag & Release
Sponsored by Faux Pas Prints
Place Team Total
Speckled Trout 5 Stringer
Sponsored by Sportsbeat Pub & Cafe
Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
Sponsored by Toyota of Slidell
Place Team Total Fish